Конспект урока по английскому языку в 7 классе «Одежда»

The lesson is aimed at the assimilation of new knowledge on the topic «Clothes» and the consolidation of the studied lexical and grammatical material.

Type of the lesson:

assimilation of new knowledge and consolidation of the studied material

The tasks of the lesson:

  • to familiarize with the new vocabulary on the topic and fix it in situations
  • to familiarize with the demonstrative pronouns this / these and fix them in situations
  • to strengthen skills and abilities of the use of the studied vocabulary and structures in speech

The objectives of the lesson:

  • to form phonetic skill of recognition and articulation of sounds /i:/i/s/z/ in words
  • to broaden horizons on the topic
  • to develop intelligence (memory, attention, thinking, imagination)
  • to develop speech and speech culture
  • to develop the skills of dialogical and monological speech
  • to apply the studied lexical and grammatical material in new situations of communication
  • to develop a communicative culture of behavior and communication
  • develop moral qualities (discipline, accuracy, integrity)
  • to instill a sense of taste in the choice of clothing


  • textbook
  • workbook
  • fabric samples in «polka dots» and «stripes» and pictures with images of garments
  • audio recording
  • sounds /s/z/i/I: / and words with them

Lesson plan

I Organizational point

T. Hello, children! Sit down! Let’s start our lesson.

Today we will talk about clothes and shopping.

II 1. Phonetic charging

a) T: Look at the cards and sound the symbols: /s/z/i:/i/

Find the words with these sounds and read them (Pupils work in pairs and connect the word containing the corresponding sound with its transcriptional image)

3. Voice charging

T: let’s talk about clothes. Do you like big blue spots? Do you like little pink stripes? Do you like a blouse with big red spots?

I. The main part of the lesson

1. Familiarization with the vocabulary on the topic (clothing items) and revision of demonstrative pronouns this – these, that-those and training in their use.

a) Semantics of words-garments
b) Phonetic testing
c) semantics of demonstrative pronouns: the teacher uses visibility (garments)

  1. T: What’s this? – This is a dress.
  2. T: What are these? – These are trousers.
  3. T: What is that? – That is a suit.
  4. T: What are those? – Those are mittens.

The teacher and the pupils formulate the rules of use and peculiarities of translation into Russian.

d) Phonetic development of pronouns
e) «Guess» Work in pairs. Pupils receive 2 images of clothing items.

P1: What’s this? P2: It’s a red blouse. What are these?

P1: They are grey trousers.

And now let’s have a rest. (Dynamic pause)

Training in the use of the verb like in speech

a) Exercise «Ask a friend what he likes or dislikes» Work in pairs (pupils receive 2 cards with images of garments of different colors and patterns)

P1: Do you like a blue blouse with big red spots?

P2: Yes, I do. Do you like a green dress with small white stripes?

P3: No, I don’t.

b) work with the poem
c) exercise using visualization «Say what your friend likes or dislikes» Frontal work (pupils use the information obtained in the previous exercise).

P1: She likes a green dress with big white spots but she doesn’t like a blue blouse with red stripes.

d) Exercise «Find out what celebrities like» Group work (there are two pupils at the blackboard — «celebrity» and «bodyguard». Ask «bodyguard» and guess what «celebrity» likes)

P1: Does she like blouses?
Bodyguard: No, she doesn’t.

P2: Does she like dresses?
Bodyguard: No, she doesn’t. (The group asks three questions; if the item of clothing is not guessed, «bodyguard» answers)

Bodyguard: She likes hats.

4. Control of homework.
5. Control of spelling skills on the topic.
6. Control of the acquired material in class.

III. Final stage

1. Assessments.

2. Homework: make up a dialogue on the topic «Clothes and shopping»

  • using key words
  • without using key words
  • using new word from the dictionary

3. The end of the lesson.

Конспект урока по английскому языку в 7 классе «Одежда»

Скачать — Конспект урока по английскому языку в 7 классе «Одежда»

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