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Итак, сегодня мы с Вами будем играть в игру The English Quiz

«Travelling About Great Britain». Так как Вы разделились на команды, игра пройдет в виде конкурса.

Правила игры: игра состоит из двух раундов. В каждом раунде по четыре темы, в каждой теме по 5 вопросов. Тему и номер вопроса Вы выбираете в любом порядке. Если команда отвечает неправильно, то право хода переходит другой команде. За каждый правильный ответ Вы получаете по 1 баллу. В игре присутствуют вопросы «Кот в мешке» за правильный ответ на данный вопрос вы получаете 3 балла. Так же присутствуют вопросы «Вопрос аукцион» Команда, открывшая такой вопрос может ответить на него сама или дать право ответить на него противнику, при этом количество баллов за ответ назначает сама команда, но количество баллов должно быть не меньше 2 и не больше 6, в случае неправильного ответа с общего счета команды списывается количество выбранных баллов. Вопросы команда обдумывает совместно, но ответ дает заранее выбранный человек.



Names and nicknames (Имена и прозвища)

  1. A nickname for a Welshman. It is the Welsh form of the English name «David» Taffy.
  2. What were people who disagreed with the teachings of the Church of England called? The Pilgrims.
  3. What are the names of the first political parties which appeared in Charles II’s reign? Whigs and Tories.
  4. What is the old name of London? Londinium.
  5. Many years ago the Scottish soldiers were called «women from the hell» by the Germanic tribes. Why were they named so? Skirt.

The British Wonders (Чудеса Британии)

  1. It consists of two circles of huge stone blocks. Inside these are two groups of stones in the shape of a horseshoes. No written record exists of the origins of these features and they have always been surrounded by mystery. STONEHENGE.
  2. It is a mass of stone columns standing very near together. The taps of the columns form stepping stones leading from the cliff foot and disappearing under the sea. Giant’s Causeway.
  3. People say it is the key to London it was founded by William the Conqueror. It was begun with the air of protecting Londoners from invasions by the river Thames. Tower of London.
  4. What do you think the great glory of Westminster is? Westminster Abbey.
  5. It is called after the Roman emperor Hadrian who built it nearly two thousand years ago to keep back the Picts. Hadrian’s wall.

The British Animals (Животные Британии)

  1. What do the British say when it is raining hard? cats and dogs rain.
  2. What bronze animals look from Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square? four lions.
  3. What is one of the most modest and best known monuments in Scotland which is devoted to a dog? dog bobby.
  4. Inside the monument there is a marble statue of the writer and of his favorite dog. What monument is it?

Edinburgh’s Candlemaker Row

5 What can you see on the Welsh national flag? Dragon.

These Remarkable Dates and Numbers (знаменательные даты и числа)

  1. In 1675 Sir Christopher Wren started on his greatest work. For 35 year the building went on. Wren was an old man before it was finished. What did sir Christopher Wren built? St. Paul’s Cathedral.
  2. There is a number in the name of one Shakespeare’s play. the twelves night.
  3. It is 31 miles long, 24 miles of which under the bottom of the sea. Shuttle trains take cars and their passengers through it. chanel tunnel.
  4. There are about ninety Universities in Britain. What is the biggest one? What are the oldest ones?


5 In 1801 The National Flag of Great Britain was adopted. What is it called? UNION JACK.


The British Scenery (Достопримечательности Британии)

  1. Some admiring visitors called it «A paradise of mountain scenery and magical light». Lake District.
  2. A large prehistoric creature is said to be living in the deep waters of the lake, but as yet, in spite of various «sightings» not scientifically proved to exist. What is the popular name of the monster? What is the name of the lake? LOHNESS-monster, Lake Lohness.
  3. What is the highest mountain on the British Isles? Ben Nevis.
  4. A Roman name for the northern part of the island of Britain, comprising present-day Scotland. Caledonia.
  5. What place in London has a big variety of animals? London Zoo.

These Mysterious Words (Таинственные слова)

  1. She was called «Bloody Mary» for some cruel actions. Mary I, Queen of England.
  2. You can hear the song «My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean». What does the word «Bonnie» mean?


3 The adjective «cleanest» describes one of the British countries. What country is it? NORTHERN IRELAND.

4 Liverpool, «Love me Do», Lennon. What associations have you got with these words? Beatles.

5 The word «big» made this man known. The famous clock got the name after him. What is the name of the clock? BIG BAN.

The British Symbols (Символика Британии)

  1. What are the national symbols of Wales? LEEK AND DAFFODIL.
  2. What holiday does it symbolize? Christmas.
  3. What is the national symbol of Scotland? THISTLE.
  4. What is a heraldic sigh of the British crown? LION AND UNICOM.
  5. You can hear the sounds of the national Scottish instrument. What is it? Bagpipe.

National Food (Национальная пища)

  1. «Welsh rabbit» doesn’t mean any breed of rabbit. What is it? Sandwich.
  2. This vegetable is very popular at Halloween. Pumpkin.
  3. This food is the national dish which the Scots have at a proper Burns Supper. HAGGIS.
  4. It is a traditional Easter pastime which still flourishes in Northern England, Scotland. Egg-rolling.
  5. In England, on Shrove Tuesday, people race with them. What food is so popular then? Pancake.

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