Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку «The Baby Roll»

Муслимова Анна Владимировна
учитель первой квалификационной категории
МБОУ ООШ поселка Студеный
поселок Студеный Петровский район Саратовская область

Грамматический материал:

— прошедшее простое время

— будущее простое время

— настоящее простое время

— настоящее длительное время

— разделительный вопрос

— модальные глаголы

— отрицательные предложения

— сравнительная и превосходная степени сравнения прилагательных

Лексический материал:

— приветствие

— знакомство

— время

— разговор по телефону

— члены семьи

— разговор за столом

— профессии

— еда

— погода

— прилагательные, описывающие челевека или животное

Scene 1

На сцене „дом бабушки и дедушки” : печка, телевизор, стол… На столе посуда, будильник, очки, газета. Все участники выходят, выстраиваются в линию и начинают представляться. Представляясь, делают шаг вперед. Потом возвращаются на место.

The Roll: Hello, dear guests! Glad to see you! I’m a Baby Roll. You’ll see a story about me.

Grandmother: Good morning, friends! I’m Klavdiya. I’m 60. My hobby is knitting. I’m not from Saratov. I live in the village of Sadovka. I have my husband. We are from Russia. We are Russian.

Grandfather: Hello! My name is Makar. I’m 65. I and my vife have a nice house. There are two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a hall in it. My hobby is fishing. My favorite sport is tennis.

Dima: Hi! My name is Dima. These are my grandparents. They are very kind. I love them very much. I’m 11 years old. My address is Lesnaya Street,17. My telephone number is 325476. And this is my friend Sasha.

Sasha: Hello! I’m Sasha. I’m 11. I go to school five days a week. My hobby is reading. Meet my friend Masha.

Masha: Good morning, boys and girls! My name is Masha. I am from Russia. I go to school too. Sasha and Dima are my classmates. We are good friends. My hobby is painting.

A Hare: Hello! I’m a Grey Hare! I live in the forest of Sadovka. I like carrot and cabbage.

A Wolf: Good morning! I’m a Wolf. I live in the forest too. There are a lot of different trees and plants in the forest of Sadovka. I like it very much.

A Bear: Hi, friends! And I’m a Big Brown Bear. I like nuts, strawberries and honey.

A Fox: I’m a Red Fox. Hello! I’m very kind. You’ll see.

TV announser: Good morning, dear friends! I’m TV announser. I’ll tell you TV news.

Story teller: And I am story teller.Hello! I like interesting stories. And this is one them. Let’s start.

На сцене остаются Grandmother, Grandfather, Story Teller. Остальные уходят. Дедушка садится с газетой. Бабушка принимается за вязание.

Story teller: Let me tell you how it was. In the village of Sadovka there once lived an old woman with her husband.Their house was not very big and not very small. They lived friendly and liked to work in their garden. They liked singing very much.

Grandmother and Grandfather: Ah-ah-ha, here we are!

Here we are!

And we are happy!

Grandfather: What time is it, darling?

Grandmother: Look! It’s one o’clock.

Grandfather: This clock is wrong. It’s half past one.

Grandmother: No, your watch is fast. It is fifteen minutes past one.

Grandfather: Yes, you are right. It is quarter past one. I think it is time to watch TV.

Grandmother: Could you switch it on?

Grandfather: Yes, certainly.

Включает телевизор. На экране появляется диктор.

TV announcer: Good morning! Last year nearly twenty thousand lucky children from all our big country went to the world famous Orlyonok Children’s Center. It is on the Black Sea. It was a wonderful rest for them because this camp has got a lot of libraries, cinemas and great beaches.

For those who likes cinemas. You can see Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince a fantasy film starring Danielle Redcliff.

Very unusual baby bear was born on Kamchatka. It’s paws are white. The Kamchatka brown bear is very big. It is strong with big teeth. For most of the year they live in thick forest and eat berries, nuts and roots.

Опускается заставка „The end”. Звонит телефон.

Grandfather: Could you answer the phone, please?

Grandmother: Yes, certainly… Hello.

Dima: Good morning, grandma. This is Dima.

Grandmother: Good morning, my darling. Just a minute… поворачивается к дедушке This is our grandson… Oh, Dima, how are you?

Dima: I’m fine, thank you. And you?

Grandmother: We are fine, thanks. And how is your sister?

Dima: She is O’K. Can I come to your place with my friends?

Grandmother: Of course, you can.

Dima: Thank you. Bye!

Grandmother: See you.

Grandfather: Our grandson will visit us, won’t he?

Grandmother: Yes, he will.

Grandfather: He’ll come with his parents, won’t he?

Grandmother: No, he won’t.

Grandfather: He’ll come with his uncle, aunt and cousin, won’t he?

Grandmother: No, he won’t. He’ll come with his friends.

Стук в дверь. Входят Дима, Саша и Маша.

Dima: Can I come in? Hello. Meet my friends. This is Masha.

Masha: How do you do? My name is Masha. I live in Beryozovka. I’m 11 years old. My hobby is cooking. I like tasty food. My mother is a teacher. My father is an engineer. I haven’t got any sisters or brothers.

Grandfather: Nice to meet you, Masha.

Masha: Nice to meet you too.

Sasha: And I am Sasha. I’m 11 too. I live in Studyony. My mother is a doctor and my father is a vet.

Grandmother: Glad to meet you, Sasha. Sit down, children.

Садятся за стол.

Grandfather: What is your favorite subject at school?

Masha: I like Geography, Art and Information Technology. But my favorite subject is music.

Sasha: And my favorite school subject is literature. Читает стихотворение „Time for school” или любое другое. I like Mathematics and English too.

Grandmother: Let’s drink tea, children!

Dima: Can I have some coffee?

Grandmother: With milk?

Dima: No, thank you.

Grandmother: Sugar?

Dima: Yes, please.

Grandfather: How about some jam, children?

Sasha: No jam. Can I have a sweet?

Grandfather: Here you are.

Sasha: Thank you.

Grandmother: Would you like some cake?

Masha: Yes, please.

Dima: Could you pass me some cake, grandmother?

Grandmother: Here you are.

Dima: Thanks a lot.

Grandmother: You are welcome.

Пьют чай.

Dima: It’s time to go home. We should help our parents in the garden. Встают изза стола. Thank you.

Sasha: Thank you very much.

Masha: Many thanks.

Grandfather: You are welcome. Good bye, children.

Sasha: Good bye.

Masha: Bye.

Dima: See you.

Grandmother: Bye- bye.

Дети уходят.

Grandmother: Do you want anything?

Grandfather: Bake me some roll, honey.

Grandmother: All right. Can you help me?

Grandfather: Oh, yes, certainly.


Story teller: And they began to bake tasty roll together. They like to do everything together. And soon the roll was ready.

Появляется колобок.

A Roll: Oh! What a wonderful day!

The sun is shining!

The birds are singing!

Light wind is blowing!

Story teller: Our Baby Roll decided to go for a walk.He walked among beautiful trees and suddenly he met a hare.

A Hare: Hello, Baby Roll!

A Roll: Hello. Who are you?

A Hare: I’m a Hare. I’m a Little Grey Hare, but I’m going to eat you!

A Roll: Oh! Little Grey Hare, don’t eat me.

I ran away from grandma.

I ran away from grandpa.

Look! What a nice weather!

A Hare: Yes, you are right. The sky is blue. The sun is bright. It is not rainy. It is not cold. It is summer!

A Roll: Let’s sing!

Поют песню „The Seasons” или любую другую.

A Roll: Good bye, Little Grey Hare. Good luck!

Story Teller: The Roll rolled in the forest and met a wolf.

A Wolf: Hi, Baby Roll.

A Roll: Hello. Who are you?

A Wolf: I’m an Angry Wolf. And I’m going to eat you.

A Roll: I ran away from grandma.

I ran away from grandpa.

I ran away from Little Grey Hare .

A Wolf: I can eat you up!

A Roll: Off course, you can. But can you sing?

A Wolf: Yes, I can. I can sing very well. I can Jump. I can draw. But I can’t fly.

A Roll: And can you dance?

A Wolf: No, I cannot.

A Roll: Let’s dance together.

Танцуют. Постепенно волк удаляется.

A Roll: Bye, Angry Wolf. You dance well now.

Story Teller: Our baby Roll walked on the wooden path and met a big brown bear.

A Bear: Good morning, Baby Roll.

A Roll: Good morning. Who are you?

A Bear: I’m a Big Brown Bear. I live in the forest. I’m strong and very hungry. I’m going to eat you.

A Roll: I ran away from grandma.

I ran away from grandpa.

I ran away from Little Grey Hare .

I ran away from Angry Wolf.

Don’t eat me, Big Brown Bear. Look. There are strawberries and mushrooms there.

A Bear: You are right. There are a lot of strawberries. There are a lot of mushrooms.

Начинают собирать грибы в корзину медведя.

A Roll: Do you like them?

A Bear: Yes, I like them very much. I like mushrooms. I like honey and jam. I like milk too.

Начинает отдаляться от колобка.

But I don’t like meat or chicken with rice. I like carrot, cabbage and potato but not very much.

Рассказывая, уходит совсем.

A Roll: Bye-bye, Brown Bear.

Story Teller: The Roll was proud of himself, thinking how clever he is. And everybody around is so fool. He was very happy. Then he noticed something red among the trees. It was a Red Fox.

A Fox: Hello.

A Roll: Good morning. Who are you?

A Fox: I’m a Red Fox. Who are you?

A Roll: Nice to meet you. I’m a clever Roll.

A Fox: Nice to meet you too. How are you?

A Fox: I’m very happy because,

I ran away from grandma.

I ran away from grandpa.

I ran away from Little Grey Hare.

I ran away from Angry Wolf.

I ran away from Brown Bear.

A Fox: I see… You are very brave. You are cleverer then your grandma. You are more manful then your grandpa…

A Roll: гордо Yes

A Fox: приближаясь все ближе You are nicer than the Grey Hare.

You are faster than the Angry Wolf.

A Roll: Yes, it’s me.

A Fox: You are stronger than the Brown Bear… говоря последнюю фразу, хватает колобка but you are not craftier than I am.

A Roll: Oh! Red Fox! Don’t eat me, please! Now I see, I’m not so clever, so fast and so strong.

A Fox: отпускает его Don’t be afraid… подходит ближе к зрителям I will not eat you up! I’m kind and friendly. But don’t boast any more.

A Roll: You are right, my friend. Never say that you are the best of all.

Выходят все участники.

Grandfather: Never say that you are the most manful of all.

Grandmother: Never say that you are the cleverest of all.

A Hare: Never say that you are the most beautiful of all.

A Wolf: That you are the fastest.

A Bear: That you are the strongest.

A Roll: It is a good lesson. Thank you. Let’s sing.

Поют песню „Im happy” или другую.

Story Teller: Well… Our story is over. God bye, dear guests! Good bye! We’ll glad to see you again!


Автор: Муслимова Анна Владимировна
Должность: учитель первой квалификационной категории
Место работы: МБОУ ООШ поселка Студеный
Месторасположение: поселок Студеный Петровский район Саратовская область

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